i'm a new me, everyday.
Christina & Erica Rambles….almost 4 a.m.

My sleep schedule is really off. I need to fix that.

I have the best roommate in the world.

Some things we talked about tonight…

We don’t want to grow up. We don’t really want a real relationship. If we get into a relationship, what’s wrong with it being four months and ending just perfectly..no drama? Why just because everyone else is starting their “real” lives, does that make us feel like we are missing something?

What is considered starting a “real” life?

marriage…kids…stuck in a job you hate?

I don’t know where I’ll be in a year…when I finally graduate….if I graduate..

My life could go in 1 million different ways. Really. I just don’t know… but who cares? Just because I’m not doing the traditional get married and start a family before I’m 30, I’m not living?

For me, this is living.

Not knowing where I’ll live in 3 months is living for me.